Bhagavadgita -Radhakrishnan 139

The Bhagavadgita -S. Radhakrishnan

The Way of Knowledge

27. sarvani 'ndriyakarmãni
.praakarnai cã 'pare
juhvati jjnanadipite
(27) Some again offer all the works of their senses and the works of the vital force into the fire of the yoga of self-control, kindled by knowledge.

28. dravyayajnas tapoyajna
yogayajñãs tatha pare
svadhyayajianayajnas` ca
yatayah samsitavratah
(28) Some likewise offer as sacrifice their material possessions, or their austeritie's or their spiritual exercises while others of subdued minds and severe vows offer their learning and knowledge.

29. pane juhvati ppranam
prane ',panam tathã 'pare
pranapanagati ruddhva
pranayeimaparayand h
(29) Others again who are devoted to breath control, having restrained the paths of prana (the outgoing breath) and apana (the incoming breath) pour as sacrifice prang into apana and apana into prana.

30. apare niyataharah
pranan pranesu juhvati
sarve 'py ete yajnavido
(30) While others, restricting their food, pour as sacrifice their life breaths into life breaths. All these are knowers of sacrifice (know what sacrifice is) and by sacrifice have their sins destroyed. Restraint is the essence of all sacrifice and so all sacrifices may be regarded as means to spiritual growth.

31. yajnasistamrtabhvcjo
anti brahma sanãtanain no
'yam ludo 'sty ayajnasya
auto 'nyah kurusattania
(31) Those who eat the sacred food that remains after a sacrifice attain to the eternal Absolute ; this world is not for him who offers no sacrifice, how then any other world, o Best of the Kurus (Arjuna) ? The law of the world is sacrifice and he who violates it cannot obtain mastery either here or beyond.


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