Bhagavadgita -Radhakrishnan 133

The Bhagavadgita -S. Radhakrishnan

The Way of Knowledge

15, evam jnatva krtam karma
purvair api mumuksubhih
kuru karmaa 'va tasmat tvam
purvaih purvataram krtam
(15) So knowing was work done also by the men of old who sought liberation. Therefore do thou also work as the ancients
did in former times
The ignorant perform action for self-purification (dtma suddhyartham) and the wise perform action for the maintenance of the world (lokasamgrandrtham).
As the ancients carried out the work ordained by tradition, Arjuna is called upon to do his duty as a warrior. Cp. "Lord of the Universe, Supreme Spirit, Beneficent God, at Thy command only, I shall carry on this pilgrimage of life, for the good of the creatures and for Thy glory."[1]

Action and Inaction
16. kim karma kim akarme 'ti
kavayo 'py atra mohitah
tat to karma pravaksyami
yaj jndtva moksyase '.subhat
(16) What is action? What is inaction ? as to this even the wise are bewildered. I will declare to thee what action is, knowing which thou shalt be delivered from evil.


References and Context

  1. lokesa caitanyamayadhzdeva mangalyavisvo braved ajnayaiva Whitby lokesa Cava priyartham samsareyatram anuvartayi,sye.