Bhagavad Gita -Srila Prabhupada 491

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The Universal Form
Chapter 11: Verse-20

dyäv ä-prthivyor idam antaram hi vyäptam tvayaikena disas ca sarväh
drstvadbhutam rüpam ugram tavedam loka-trayam pravyathitam mahätman[1]


Although You are one, You spread throughout the sky and the planets and all space between. O great one, seeing this wondrous and terrible form, all the planetary systems are perturbed.


Dyäv ä-prthivyoh[2]and loka-trayam[3] are significant words in this verse because it appears that not only did Arjuna see this universal form of the Lord, but others in other planetary systems saw it also. Arjuna’s seeing of the universal form was not a dream. All whom the Lord endowed with divine vision saw that universal form on the battlefield.



  1. dyau=from outer space; ä-prthivyoh=to the earth; idam=this;
    antaram=between; hi=certainly; vyäptam=pervaded; tvayä=by You; ekena=alone; disah=directions; ca=and; sarväh=all; drstva=by seeing;
    adbhutam=wonderful; rüpam=form; ugram=terrible; tava=Your; idam=this; loka=the planetary systems; trayam=three; pravyathitam=perturbed; mahä-ätman=O great one.
  2. “the space between heaven and earth”
  3. “the three worlds”

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