Bhagavad Gita -Srila Prabhupada 462

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita As It Is -Shri Shrimad A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

The Opulence of the Absolute
Chapter 10: Verse-31

pavanahpavatäm asmi rämah sastra-bhrtäm aham
jhasänäm makaras cäsmi srotasäm asmi jähnavi [1]


Of purifiers I am the wind, of the wielders of weapons I am Räma, of fishes I am the shark, and of flowing rivers I am the Ganges.


Of all the aquatics the shark is one of the biggest and is certainly the most dangerous to man. Thus the shark represents Krsna.



  1. pavanah=the wind; pavatäm=of all that purifies; asmi=I am; rämah=Räma; sastra-bhrtäm=of the carriers of weapons; aham=I am; jhasänäm=of all fish; makarah=the shark; ca=also; asmi=I am; srotasäm=of flowing rivers; asmi=I am; jähnavi=the River Ganges.

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