Bhagavad Gita -Srila Prabhupada 232

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Karma-yoga—Action in krsna Consciousness
Chapter 5: Verse-2

Therefore, jnäna (or knowledge that one is not this material body but spirit soul) is not sufficient for liberation. One has to act in the status of spirit soul, otherwise there is no escape from material bondage. Action in krsna consciousness is not, however, action on the fruitive platform. Activities performed in full knowledge strengthen one’s advancement in real knowledge. Without krsna consciousness, mere renunciation of fruitive activities does not actually purify the heart of a conditioned soul. As long as the heart is not purified, one has to work on the fruitive platform. But action in krsna consciousness automatically helps one escape the result of fruitive action so that one need not descend to the material platform. Therefore action in krsna consciousness is always superior to renunciation, which always entails a risk of falling. Renunciation without krsna consciousness is incomplete, as is confirmed by Srila Rüpa GosvämI in his Bhakti-rasämrta-sindhu [1]

präpaïcikatayä buddhyä
mumuksubhih parityägo
vairägyam phalgu kathyate

“When persons eager to achieve liberation renounce things related to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, thinking them to be material, their renunciation is called incomplete.” Renunciation is complete when it is in the knowledge that everything in existence belongs to the Lord and that no one should claim proprietorship over anything. One should understand that, factually, nothing belongs to anyone. Then where is the question of renunciation? One who knows that everything is Krsna’s property is always situated in renunciation. Since everything belongs to Krsna, everything should be employed in the service of Krsna. This perfect form of action in krsna consciousness is far better than any amount of artificial renunciation by a sannyäsi of the Mäyävädi school.



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