Bhagavad Gita -Sivananda 286

Bhagavad Gita -Swami Sivananda


Summary of Twelfth Discourse


The Lord goes on to describe the qualities that a true devotee possesses. He neither attaches himself to anything nor does he have any aversion to things. He has a balanced mind under all circumstances. He is not agitated by the happenings of the world, nor does he himself cause any agitation in others. He is perfectly desireless and rejoices in the Lord within. He sees equality everywhere, being untouched by sorrow, fear, honour as also dishonour. He is perfectly content as he has surrendered his entire being to the Lord.

Arjuna Uvaacha

Evam satatayuktaa ye bhaktaastwaam paryupaasate;
Ye chaapyaksharamavyaktam teshaam ke yogavittamaah.

Arjuna said

1. Those devotees who, ever steadfast, thus worship Thee and those also who worship the
Imperishable and the Unmanifested—which of them are better versed in Yoga?


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