Bhagavad Gita -Madhvacharya 202

Bhagavad Gita -Sri Madhvacharya

(Bhashya and Tatparya Nirnaya)


Chapter 7
Jnyaana vijnyaana Yoga

they, the एकान्तिन, the singularly committed ones are aware. Only to such one (and according to his capacity and gradation) does He reveal His true form, thus in Katha Upanishad.
Tatparya Nirnaya  :- Brahman is to be consciously aware of, declaring thus he terminates all doubts about the supreme Lord of all creation.

Thus ends the Bhashya and Tatparya Niranaya of Sri Madhva on the SeventhChapter of Bhagavada Gita, the Upanishad, the science of the Absolute, the scripture of equanimity, the dialogue between Sri Krishna and Arjuna entitled “Jnyaana vijnyaana Yoga”.