Bhagavad Gita -Madhvacharya 201

Bhagavad Gita -Sri Madhvacharya

(Bhashya and Tatparya Nirnaya)


Chapter 7
Jnyaana vijnyaana Yoga

29 - 30. For deliverance from old age and death, they strive taking refuge in Me, they come to be aware of Brahman, the entire nature of the self and the performance of action. Being aware of Me as the controller of all the creatures, divinities and the sacrifices as well, they comprehend Me with equanimous mind at the time of departure.
Bhashya :- For deliverance from old age, death and for clarification of such other desires, clarification for deliverance is praiseworthy but not by way of prescription. Better than the aspirant (for deliverance) is the aspirant for the singular communion, thus, in Narada Puraana. Not merely for those who desire deliverance alone.
Devotion towards gods with neither distraction nor expectation of fruits in return but with concentrated mind, an attitude and with inherent nature and undistracted devotion to the Lord is established, which is superior, like the food in the stomach which is digested, thus pointing out the distinctive marks of भक्ति – communion in Bhagavat Puraana.
The knowledge of all the Vedas for the sake of the gods, the knowledge of all the (presiding) gods for the sake of Sriman Narayana, the knowledge of Sriman Narayana for the sake of deliverance, and deliverance for no other purpose at all, this for the intermediate devotees. But for the singularly committed ones, there exists nothing else but the Lord Narayana Himself, thus in Gita - Kalpa.