Krishnakosh All Right Reserved

  • 'Krishnakosh' is an educational and non-profit mission.
  • The publishing rights of all contributions (image and text) made to 'Krishnakosh' rest with the publisher and comprehensive usage in any form of the said content without written permission from the publisher is a violation of rights.
  • 'Krishnakosh' has been idealized as an online library which provides its content for the general masses free of cost.
  • ‘Krishnakosh’ is not using any copyrighted content (Text, Image, Audio & Video), if it is published on ‘Krishnakosh’, we take proper care to acknowledge the copyright holder. In case of third party content owner do not want to display their content on Krishnakosh, we will remove the content immediately after receiving the objection.
What is a Violation of Rights
  • Copying articles as present on 'Krishnakosh' and publishing them on another website.
  • Using excerpts of article and not providing an external link to 'Krishnakosh'
  • Using any image without proper permission or license.
  • Using any creativecommons licensed image without providing an account of the usage rights of that image.
  • Commercial use of any content present on 'Krishnakosh'
What is not a Violation of Rights
  • All students and scholars understanding the meaning of 'All Rights Reserved' are free to use any material present on 'Krishnakosh' for research or for school projects and other literary purposes with the condition that they may not reproduce the content on any other website.
  • All learned users understanding the concept of 'All Rights Reserved' may use the content present on 'Krishnakosh' if they refrain from publishing the said content on any other website.