Gita Govinda -Jayadeva 205

Gita Govinda -Shri Jayadeva Gosvami

Act Four : snigdha madhusüdanaù

The Tender Slayer of Madhu

Scene Nine : Song 9 : Verse 20



The sakhé has decorated Kṛṣṇa w with two specific titles: Daivata-vaidyahådya – Kṛṣṇa is even more pleasant and captivating than the celestial physicians, the Açviné-kumäras.

Upendra – Kṛṣṇa previously appeared from the womb of Mother Aditi in the form of Shri Vämanadeva to bestow auspiciousness upon the aggrieved demigods. In that incarnation his name was Upendra because he was the younger brother of Indra. This address alludes to Kṛṣṇa’s personal oath to always protect his dependants.

The sakhé confides in Kṛṣṇa, “Rädhä has become a victim of sensual lovesickness. The only medicine for this incurable disease is to be united with you.

The touch of your limbs is like nectar for her. There is no need for you to make even the slightest extraneous endeavour. There will be no difficulty whatsoever on your part. So if you do not bring her back to life, then you must be even harder than a thunderbolt.”

Appropriately, the chanda of this verse is upendra-vajrä.


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